A close up look at a Sqwishful's eco-friendly pop up sponge showing its wood pulp texture.

A new wave of sustainable sponges for your home.

We made our pop up sponges plastic and dye-free from renewable wood pulp that's reusable, durable, and compostable like none other.

A close up look at a Sqwishful's eco-friendly scrub sponge showing its luffa fibers.

Make waves for the natural scrub sponge you've been waiting for.

Plastic "loofahs" can try, but nothing's like the real thing, especially when our natural luffa scrub sponges are hand sewn with wood pulp for extra comfort.

A close up look at a Sqwishful's eco-friendly dish brush showing its sisal bristles.

Wash up with a wave of our greener, cleaner dish brush.

Unlike nylon bristles that melt into microplastics, our brushes are made with sisal from agave plants and quick-drying bamboo.


The full package.

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We use recyclable, tree-free paper made from leftover sugarcane fiber for our packaging.

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Our vegetable, starch-based bags are certified industrial compostable where accepted in a commercial facility.

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Carbon Friendly

We plant trees with every order of our FSC certified tissue paper and stickers.