Pop Up Sponges Pack of 3

Pop Up Sponges Pack of 3


A new wave of sustainable sponges for your home

Sqwishful pop up sponges are 100% plant-based and made from natural wood pulp with zero plastic or dyes.

Get it poppin'

Run your sponge underwater to pop it up. Sqwishful sponges are compressed to reduce their carbon footprint and hand die-cut with our unique shape for cleaning corners and edges.

Your new main squeeze

Care for your sponge by rinsing, squeezing, and air drying it after each use. Great for dishwashing and keeping countertops, sinks, and surfaces clean. A reusable sponge can replace your paper towel roll 30 times over. That's 3,000 paper towels for 1 sponge.

Leave the world cleaner

When you're ready to replace it, compost it. Our paper packaging can be composted at home or recycled, and our starch-based bags are certified by Tüv Austria to be compostable where accepted in a commercial facility.