Wave goodbye to plastic waste.

Call us Sqwishful.

We believe in unlikely outcomes. It’s how we put a man on the moon and the internet in our pockets. And it's what gives us the courage to dream.

As a company, our mission is to make the world cleaner, healthier, and happier with plant-powered cleaning products that are effective and long-lasting.

All our products and packaging are made with natural materials that are plastic-free and compostable.

So homes can clean, and leave the world cleaner.

An optimist who loves to clean, Jenn Tsang is also the founder and CEO of Sqwishful.

From one optimist to another.

Sqwishful™ started with an optimist who loves to clean but hates that most cleaning products pollute our planet.

Read what inspired our founder, Jenn Tsang, to make eco-friendly, kitchen and home essentials.

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We promise to:

Protect our planet

With high-quality, long-lasting, plastic-free products and packaging that are compostable.

Care for our health

With natural materials and ingredients that are gentle on hands and the planet.

Create change

With our community to inspire positivity, sustainability, wellness, and equality.

Learn more about our sustainability goals.

A popped up, Sqwishful sponge with hand-drawn trees growing on it

By doing something as simple as the dishes, we're inspiring cleaner, greener living using the simplest of tools.

Let's be the change we sqwish to see.