Sqwishful dish brushes are 100% plant-based and made from natural bamboo, sisal, and hemp with zero plastic or varnish.

Dish Brush


Wash up with a wave of our greener, bamboo dish brush.

Sqwishful dish brushes are 100% plant-based and made from natural bamboo, sisal, and hemp with zero plastic or varnish.

Loosening the bristles and rinsing a bamboo dish brush to clean and care for it

Brush it off.

Ideal to give your pots, pans, and dishes a good scrub. Thanks to its densely packed bristles, your dish brush gets the job done without the need for force. After using, run your fingers through the bristles to loosen, and rinse. Then give it a good shake and hang to air dry. 

Sqwishful greener, bamboo replaceable brush head

Twist and shout.

When the bristles wear out, waste not. Gently twist on a new brush head and save and reuse the handle forever. Instead of sending your old brush head to a landfill, compost it, add it to a campfire, or even place it in your yard. While it may take time, the brush is 100% biodegradable.

Using a Sqwishful bamboo dish brush to wash a pan


We're honored to be awarded Treehugger's Best of Green Cleaning Award. Paneled by The Spruce using the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning as their gold standard, we're proud to be 1 of 30 winners who earned this esteemed award.

Customer Reviews

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Seems to work well! Good design. May try some wood wax to prolong the wood.

Matches my wooden cooking utensils!

This is my favorite Sqwishful product! I love the wood design, as it matches my large wooden cooking utensils. So I cook with natural wood products and now I get to clean with the same.

The replacement heads are amazing. I get to change them whenever I want and it’s a great bang for the buck to just replace the head!

JD Highland
My dish washing work horse

A handy, well-made, and well-designed kitchen tool. It's been in daily use at the kitchen sink for over a year, and is still the perfect general purpose kitchen brush.

Oh, a bonus: a spare head makes a good brush for cleaning fruits & veg.

Don’t wait, don’t waste money on any other brush

The best brush I’ve used in washing our All-Clad pots and pans. With a little bar keepers powder and this brush the pans maintain their luster. The brush removes even the hardened food with a little hot water. The shape modern and wood does not dry out as others do! No metal rusting and the changeable brush heads reach the hard to hit bevel of the pan without the flattening of bristles. Great Brush!!!!!!

Geraldine Mae
Where was this all my life?

Beware of knock offs! This is the real deal. I use this on pots and pans and love how the natural bristles get in on any excess dirt. Also love how easy the brush itself manages to look brand new after a quick rinse. I alternate often between my pop up sponge and my dish brush while I’m doing dishes. The both of them take the lead on all my dishwashing! Highly recommend.

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