Dish Brush

Dish Brush


Wash up with a wave of our greener, cleaner dish brush.

Sqwishful dish brushes are 100% plant-based and made from natural bamboo, sisal, and hemp with zero plastic or varnish.

Sqwishful brush head bristles

Brush it off.

Great for cleaning pots, pans, or dishes that need a good scrub, thanks to its densely packed bristles that get the job done without the need for force. After using, run your fingers through the bristles to loosen and rinse. Then give it a good shake and hang to air dry.

Sqwishful brush head

Twist and shout.

When the bristles wear out, waste not. Gently twist on a new brush head and save and reuse the handle forever. Instead of sending your old brush head to a landfill, compost it, add it to a campfire, or even place it in your yard. While it may take time, the brush is 100% biodegradable.