Sponge Bundle

Sponge Bundle


Stress-free, plastic-free cleaning right at your doorstep when you need it.

Save on your favorite sustainable pop up sponges and natural scrub sponges with the Sqwishful™ Sponge Bundle. Save an extra 10% off when you subscribe.

Sqwishful natural scrub sponge floating

Natural Scrub Sponges

100% plant-based and made from natural luffa, wood pulp, and hemp with zero plastic or glues. Strong on sticky stuff and soft on non-stick. Great for dishwashing or to exfoliate your skin in the shower.

2 scrub sponges

Sqwishful sustainable pop up sponge floating

Sustainable Pop Up Sponges

100% plant-based and made from natural wood pulp with zero plastic or dyes. Each sponge is compressed to save space and reduce its carbon footprint. It's also hand die-cut with a unique shape to help you clean hard-to-reach corners and edges.

6 pop up sponges

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