New Partnership PSA: The Container Store x Sqwishful

Just in! You can now shop your favorite plant-based, plastic-free sponges and brushes at The Container Store online and in stores around the US 🎉

We’re excited to join The Container Store family and for Sqwishful’s zero waste cleaning essentials to be part of their Healthy Home and Environment initiative — an entire collection of eco-conscious products and sustainable solutions for your home.


Cleaning and Care for a Healthier Home

Starting this October, you can find your favorite Sqwishful products at The Container Store nationwide. Look for us in the checkout aisles under “Cleaning and Care for a Healthier Home” 👀 and stock up on cleaning essentials that clean and leave the world cleaner.

Find all our award-winning products:

  • Pop-up sponges that are Martha Stewart’s fave
  • Bamboo dish brushes that keep your hands dry
  • Scrub sponges that are handy in baths or sinks


Sustainability Made Simple

To make it easier for you to create a healthier home, The Container Store has put together an in-depth guide of their susty solutions.

Find Marie Kondo-approved storage items, natural kitchen products, and eco-friendly essentials for laundry and cleaning that check all the eco-boxes. And healthy-home boxes. Because what’s good for you is good for the planet, too ✔️

And in the spirit of organization, everything is organized in easy-to-navigate categories so you can quickly find what you’re looking for (👋).

Shop the collection.


Sustainability Starts At Home

As a small business, we've made investing in communities, sustainably sourcing plant-based materials, and designing our products to reduce their carbon footprint our priorities.

Our mission to protect our planet, care for our health, and create change are more than promises. They are our daily work.

We're proud to partner with The Container Store because we share their vision that sustainability starts at home.

As the nation’s leading specialty retailer of organizing solutions, we're thrilled to see the company making strides to have a positive impact. Last year, they joined the EPA Green Power Partnership as one of many companies transitioning to renewable energy.

“As part of our commitment and effort, all of our stores, distribution centers, and corporate office power are offset by our investment in 100% renewable energy, powered by one of the cleanest power sources: wind.”

In addition to transitioning to green energy, the company invests in sustainable materials, innovative solutions to reduce packaging and product waste, and sustainable practices across its supply chain.

By using 100% recycled corrugate boxes, they’ve contributed to saving:

  • 11,627,000 gallons of water
  • 1,661 tons of CO2
  • 28,237 trees
  • 5,481 cubic yards of landfill waste

Over 1,600 items sold at The Container Store are made from renewable or easily recycled materials. We’re excited to see that number grow as they offer more eco-conscious products from brands working to create a better future.

As an Asian-American and woman-owned business, we work with and buy from companies that are majority-owned and operated by women, individuals who belong to communities of color, and gender non-conforming founders.

While 70% of our suppliers and vendors are less than 1,000 miles away, we also work with overseas partners. One of many reasons we're happy to see The Container Store participate in the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, “the world’s largest collaborative platform for companies to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains.”

Sqwishful's pop up sponges, scrub sponges, and dish brushes at The Container Store

To learn more about The Container Store, their areas of investment, and their dedication to searching the world over for sustainable products, read their 2021 Sustainabiliy Report or Letter from their CEO.

And search no more! Give your home a healthy refresh with plant-based, plastic-free products that are better for you and the earth.

Shop Sqwishful.