The Sqwishful Sqwish Set is plant-powered and plastic-free so you can clean and leave the world cleaner.

Sqwish Set


Plant-powered and plastic-free so you can clean and leave the world cleaner.

Save on your favorite plastic-free products with the Sqwishful™ Sqwish Set. Save an extra 10% off when you subscribe.

Sqwishful bamboo dish brush floating

Bamboo Dish Brush

100% plant-based and made from natural bamboo, sisal, and hemp with zero plastic or varnish. When the bristles wear out, waste not. Gently twist on a new brush head and save and reuse the handle forever.

1 dish brush | 1 extra brush head

Sqwishful natural scrub sponge floating

Natural Scrub Sponge

100% plant-based and made from natural luffa, wood pulp, and hemp with zero plastic or glues. Strong on sticky stuff and soft on non-stick. Great for dishwashing or to exfoliate your skin in the shower.

1 scrub sponge

Sqwishful sustainable pop up sponge floating

Sustainable Pop Up Sponges

100% plant-based and made from natural wood pulp with zero plastic or dyes. Each sponge is compressed to save space and reduce its carbon footprint. It's also hand die-cut with a unique shape to help you clean hard-to-reach corners and edges.

3 pop up sponges

Customer Reviews

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Stylish, practical, plastic-free!

Geraldine Mae
A gift that keeps on giving!

I love gifting and find that this dishwashing set is not only a strong price point, but it’s a great gift for anyone at any age. Not only does it do the job (the dish brush is my favorite tool during dishwashing) but there’s something special about letting someone know the gift you’re giving them is creating less (plastic) waste in the world and doing your kitchen much needed justice!

Solid brush

This is an indispensable set. We started with just the plain sponges and were pretty impressed and then eventually upgraded to get the brush. The bamboo feels really sturdy when you're working it at an angle, especially on pots. The scrub sponge is a good substitute for the typical yellow/green ones because it doesn't scratch metal but honestly I just end up using the brush for everything now.

Jessica T.
Treat yourself & the Earth

This set is the workhorse of my kitchen. It has everything I need: a sponge for glasses and light messes, a scrubber for the tougher stuff, and a brush for when I want to keep my hands dry--not to mention each brings a sense of playfulness to the everyday. I keep a set of sponges for cleaning the bathroom countertop and tub too. (Tip: soak a new scrub sponge or put it through a dishwasher cycle on the top rack to soften the luffa.) The best part is I know I can cut them up--packaging included--and compost or recycle it all in the end. I love the Sqwishful mission!

Zandra Cunningham
The Best

I love this Sqwishful dishwashing set. I use one sponge at home and one at my Foodtruck business along with the scrub brush makes the heavy duty job a lot easier. It is very sustainable as well. Even better a eco friendly product. The packaging had such a personal touch beautiful. Thank you! Definitely will be a repeat customer.

Customer Reviews

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